Monday, May 30, 2005

2 weeks and counting...

2 weeks from today I will be on my way back to Wisconsin after spending nearly 3 years in Philadelphia. Leaving is hard.

My first few months in Philly I was pretty miserable, I found it difficult to meet people so I was just working and going to school, not too much fun. I slowly started to meet people and now I feel like I have a real family here. The city of Philly has also started to grow on me. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely things that I won't miss but there are also things that I have really come to love in the "City that loves you back." To list a few; Reading Terminal Market, Fairmount Park, the art museum, adorable little side streets in center city, being able to walk amost anywhere in the city, game brunch, the Ritz movie theaters, food trucks, the beautiful historic buildings, location - so close to NYC and DC, the character of all the different neighborhoods...I guess I could go on for a while.

I have found that the best part of my life in any place that I live is the people who come to be a part of it while I'm there. Thanks to all you folks who have made my life so much richer, funnier, more educational and more interesting. I'll try really hard not to be too sappy in the following posts.


  1. Hey. First off, I can't even imagine you finding it difficult to meet people, you are so fun to be with. I think you're making up this personal ennui so that we will sympathize with you. You crave attention. Yeah, that's the ticket.

    Hey I'd like everyone to know that Rock Star Becca went out dancing in NYC last night, and stayed up until 3am, AND got up for a 6am volunteer shift at WXPN. DOPE ROCK Y'ALL!

    Now that I'm writing her blog in her comments section, I'd like to say that I'm going to miss her terribly at dances (butt smacking) and Games Brunch (making fun of people and losing horribly at everything; OR spelling out naughty words in Scrabble) and hey guys let's all comment about her like she's not here. Your turn! (gotta make an ID. then you automatically get a blog. See my loser blog.)

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