Friday, August 05, 2005

Long time no write

Yikes! I almost forgot my login name it's been that long. I guess it's been a month - Bad blogger! BAD!

So, not too much new here, my time in the country is ticking away, I'm working on getting everything set for when I leave. My parents are going to be empty-nesters soon. My middle sister is moving to another State (a red one blech!) for a job, my little sister is going to another State for college (this one is kinda purpley) and by the time I leave they'll both hopefully be settled in in their new homes. Not too sure how the folks are going to take it. I hope they are able to use their new-found free time for things they enjoy.

I've learned a little more about Senegal in the past month, I bought a Lonely Planet guide book for Senegal and the Gambia and it's proving informational.

I know this is off topic, but can I just say, I love Jon Stewart.

Thank you, Jon Stewart for your clever, sane and wonderful remarks in a civilization that is proving to be none of those things lately. However, I'm a little disappointed that you didn't ream Santorum a new one last week when he so stupidly came on your show to promote his silly little book.

Hope that you all are enjoying life.


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