Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sometimes you just have to laugh

So the other day I took my bike down town to run some errands at the epicerie, the tiny grocery store. One of the things I needed was toilet paper, which I'm buying relatively often between the number of guests I have, etc, so when I saw the ten role pack(situated in a 2x5 configuration) I knew that was what I wanted. How was I going to fit it on my bike, well I'd figure that out later. When the time came to figure it out I had the bright idea to shove it between the seat and the center of the handle bars. Needless to say this was tricky, the paper kept slipping out and I had to hold onto it with one hand most of the way. While I was riding I had moto drivers and pedestrians laughing at me meanwhile I'm thinking - screw you! you probably don't even know what this stuff is! - most Senegalese washrooms are stocked with a bucket of water and a cup (dubbed ass-cup by volunteers), not toilet paper. But at the point when I was getting the most frustrated, yelling at moto drivers, juggling the tp and trying to ride my bike, I just had to laugh at myself, it was pretty rediculous.

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