Thursday, June 08, 2006


So we have this hilarious little cartoon posted at the Kaolack regional house, drawn by some unknown volunteer that highlights the changes that one typically goes through during their 2 years as a PCV. Some of these are weight loss(men) or gain(women), lack of shaving or hair cuts, the dirt that somehow gets embedded into your skin here, henna-ed hands, different types of clothes, different jewelry, different luggage. Basically is says we all go from clean cut and fit with fancy western cloths to protect us from the heat, to dirty long-haired(or sometimes short haired for women) hippies that live like the locals.

So, I figured I'd make a list of some of the things that have changed for me since I've been here.

Then: Didn't wear much jewelry Now: Have a dozen bracelets, a necklace and earrings on as I'm typing

Then: Showered once or twice per day, washing hair each time Now: Shower two to three times per day washing my hair very 5 days or so (hey, shampoo is pricey here)

Then: Flossed maybe a couple times a month Now: Floss nightly and after mangos

Then: Had eaten maybe two mangos in my life Now: eat one or two mangos per day

Then: Coffee every morning Now: Tea every morning (Nescafe is gross)

Then: Took multivitamin when I remembered, once per week Now: Multivitamin and extra vitamin C every day

Then: Went mostly unnoticed while walking through town Now: Get screamed Tubab at wherever I go

Then: Spoke one language Now: Will speak three languages on any given day

Then: Had three figures in my bank account Now: Have six figures in my bank account (in CFA that is)

Then: Hated being sweaty and gross Now: Still hate being sweaty and gross but kinda getting used to it

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