Saturday, September 24, 2005


Why am I awake at such a silly hour, just typing on the computer? Why have I been awake for over an hour, the first 30 minutes spent tossing restlessly in bed, waking George the cat in the process?


I leave on what should be a 27 month long adventure today. Luckily enough my trip to a foreign land starts with a few days in the city that had been my adopted home for the past three years so there is a small stepping stone for me from the known to the completely unknown.

This part is probably what's getting to me the most, the unknown. Usually, at least if I know what's coming I can talk myself into a lot of stuff. In this case, I've done a bunch of reading on my destination and still have no idea what's in store. I'm hoping my stomach will settle when I meet some of the group I'll be traveling with, and get started.

Nervous and excited, yay adrenaline, boo adrenaline at 5:30 a.m.

Au Revoir,

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