Monday, October 03, 2005

Tubab Jaay Fonde

Tubab Jaay Fonde [too bob ji fonday] that may be my mantra soon.

Tubab in Senegal has come to mean white person or non-native, it started out meaning French person in colonial times. Jaay Fonde is a big old booty, I forget what the literal transation is but those of you who know me know I have a tubab jaay fonde. Here jaay fonde is a big compliment, women who dont have jaay fonde are made fun of more than women with.

Today fellow PCT (peace corps trainee) Emily and I went with Rebecca, the PCV(peace corps volunteer) to hand out diplomas to a group of women she had taught some business classes to. We are staying with Rebecca for our demystification in Richard Toll, a city right ace Senegal river from Mauritania. Anyway a celebration insued at the graduation and dancing commenced, Im working on my african dancing and shaking my Tubab Jaay Fonde, the women LOVED it.

The sun has gone down here and its still about 90 degrees, hot.

La Shannah Tova



  1. Guess you could say I'd be very popular there too!! Glad to hear that you've found something else to replace the "swing" in your life. Mom