Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cleaning out the desk...

The past few days have been filled with a lot of cleaning out, throwing away, emptying electronic "recycling bins" for me. It makes me wonder what should be kept. I worked pretty hard over the past three years on assignments, papers and exams, many of which are in the "recycling bins" of computers that don't belong to me or are in folders that are now sitting in a trash can in the alley outside my apartment. All that work just to be trashed? But it seems totally insane to load up all one's work, lug it around in boxes that are never opened, each time one moves. So I, for once, took the minimalist approach and got rid of a crap load. So, if anyone is starting their MBA and feels like doing some dumpster diving, there is some useful info in the second trash can in the alley next to Becca's apartment.

I think that George knows that something strange is going on. He didn't eat for an entire day last week, and hes been talking a lot more than usual. Some people say that animals just know when somethings up, could be. Or maybe he's just wondering why all the stuff he used to lay on and get cat fur all over, is now in some cardboard box.

Tomorrow is when the whirlwind begins: Farewell happy hour w/friends after work then my last dance at the Tokio after that (during which the fam will be arriving for the big packing/graduating weekend)

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