Saturday, June 04, 2005

My Apartment

Things I will not miss about this apartment

1. Hard-wood floors. I know I'm supposed to like 'em but I guess I'm just more of a carpet kinda gal. George's offspring (dust bunnies made of cat fur) tend to loiter along the edges of the floor, plotting to smother us in our sleep. It doesn't feel as good a carpet on my bare feet either.

2. Idiots drag racing down the one-block stretch of road between the stop light and the stop sign late at night or while we're watching a movie.

3. Kitchen that I believe is inherently dirty, as in every surface is some sort of strange dirt and greese magnet, should be studied.

4. Bathroom - see kitchen

5. Iritating junk mail, maybe I'll be able to escape some of it with this move.

6. No other kitties around for George to play with.

7. Fleas that aparantly like to play with (bite, scratch, drink the blood of)George here.

Things I will miss about this apartment

1. Location - I can walk or bike just about everywhere in the city from here, and if its too far I can walk to public transport. My neighborhood has some great cafes, delis, parks, little shops and some great old buildings too.

2. Nice big front porch. Yesterday it rained all day but we had a nice little BBQ on my front porch. It felt nice a cozy because my wonderful porch protected us from the rain and the miniture grill kept us warm. mmmm. I feel sorry I haven't appreciated the front proch as much as I could have.

3. Stained glass. In the front room windows of my apartment there is some great old stained glass, but it may have been a little under-appreciated too.

Ok, time to start packing/help Justin move out.

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  1. Awesome structure yo. Not that I'm critiquing your blog.

    Hey one of my students from Swat is in the corps right now and he met a lovely African lady and just proposed to her :)