Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Interesting things seen in the past few days...

1. Woman peeing on Market Street
We were driving down Market Street, a couple blocks from City Hall, right in front of the Gallery and there was a woman sitting on the bench at the bus stop, all of a sudden I see a rush of liquid from below her. I guess she had to go because she just decided to drop trough(as discretely as that can be done on a busy street at 11:00 am on a Saturday) and pee, "in front of God and everyone" as my mom was saying. The kicker was that she was dressed kinda like she was a tourist out for a day of sightseeing and she had a big smile on her face.

Lesson: Don't sit on public benches, especially if they look a little damp.

2. Dude at Indiana gas station...forgot something.
Stopped to fill up on our 15 hour trip moving me home and caught some commotion in the corner of my eye. Turns out this dude had pulled away from the pump with the nozzle still in his car. The metal connector flew off and hit the car filling up nearby. So what does he do? He takes the nozzle out of his car, places it neatly by the side of the pump and takes off. I guess accountability isn't really a trait Americans value anymore.

Lesson: Make sure nothing is connected to your vehicle when you try to drive away. Also, what was pretty funny in the movie "Garden State"...funnier in real life.

3. Becca getting her big, old ass back in the pool this morning.
So I got up early with my little sister this morning and went swimming. I only lasted about half the practice because my arms were so fatigued. Oh, and also kids who are about half my age were swimming circles around me. Aging and being out of shape sucks...gotta stick with it though.

Lesson: Stick with it...you'll feel better soon.

3.1.Teenagers I haven't seen since they were little they tend to freak me out a little.
Saw a bunch of people who have grown a few feet taller and gone through puberty since I saw them last and maybe it's just the gawky teenage-ness of them but they look like freakish versions of their former selves to me.

Lesson: Everyone should move to Neverland

4. Gorgeous Rhett Miller
Went to see the Old 97s on Friday night, lead singer is hot and really energetic on stage, made for a good show, check them(him) out.

5. My stuff
My stuff filled up an entire pickup truck and now it is filling up a good portion of a garage. And the only furniture that includes is a desk and a chair, Most of my furniture was given to a second hand store or was left on the sidewalk, sprouted legs and walked away. Even my bed (sniff, the coziest bed ever) is now being cozy for some new UPenn student.

I get home to discover a bunch of old stuff that I haven't thought about in years that I must go through and thin out before I can move my new(er) stuff into the house. Photos from the ice capades, endless, half-full bottles of lotion, body wash and stanky perfume, big job.

Lesson(s): Thin out stuff every year, try not to accumulate so much stuff in the first place.



  1. Dude you were in the Ice Capades!?!?!?!?

  2. I always wondered what would happen if I accidentally tried to drive away without taking the nozzle out. Although I realize now that, in most cases, it would also mean I didn't pay for the gas.

    Keep in touch, Becca! I hope I'll get out in your direction before too long.