Thursday, June 09, 2005


1. Someone must've taken my dumpster-diving comment in my last post seriously because, sure enough, there was someone looking thru the stuff in the alley this morning at 4am while I was trying desperately to fall asleep.

2. I'm glad to have my eyesight this morning. Last night my right eye just started itching like crazy. Upon closer examination, and comparison to my other eye, my sclera (yeah, I just learned a new word, thank you internet), the white part, was sorta bulging out. It's better now.

3. Note to self: Do not, under any circumstances, drink coffee in the evening. I thought it was going to give me a boost for packing and cleaning, which it did, but it also helped to create a jittery, near-sleepless night, argh!

4. Another note to self: Try (harder) not to be a victim of road rage in the three days I have left here. This morning on my way in, I was driving on a three-lane, one-way street. I was driving in the right lane, going at the same speed as the van in front of me with a comfortable following distance when a woman passes me on my right (in the parking lane) and cuts right in front of me. I shake my head and when I pass her I shout at her to learn to drive. On the next pass she says something about getting my "old, piece of sh*t off the road." Hmm, didn't know that a 2002 Vespa scooter counted as more of a POS than her banged up, 1990 Buick. Stupid people are funny sometimes, but sometimes they're just dangerous.

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  1. I think the Buick driver has a standard response to anyone who pisses her off. Perhaps it's on a loop recording that just keeps playing, and playing...

    Oh sorry, didn't mean to wake you up last night. I'll be quieter next time.

    My coworker had the same eye thing for about 2 days a couple of years ago.